Sorry for the lack of posting lately. October got pretty busy for me with costume making. Two friends of mine asked me to help them make their Halloween costumes for them, so I said I would. It turned out to be quite the test of my design and construction skills!

My friend Cody wanted to be Bam Bam Rubble and
sent me a picture of the costume he wanted. Here it is:

So, with picture in phone, I bought the fabric, took the measurements and hoped for the best! After about a day of sewing this is what I came up with. I’m pretty proud of the way it came out. I was originally going to make it with a shorts pattern but Cody insisted it be a skirt. So a skirt I made, with pockets so he didn’t lose his phone while out on the town.  Most importantly, he liked it AND it fit! haha

The second costume I made was a fixer for my friend Casey. She found a lion costume in an infant size that she cut the arms and legs off of so she could just slip it over her head. She then but open the sides to fit her body. She then brought it to me haha. We decided that she needed some fuzzy arms and legs to add to the costume and that some elastic up the sides would finish the body. So once again, I got some fleece this time, took the measurements, and set out on my adventure. The legs were pretty simple, make a tube with elastic at the top to cover her shins. Easy. The arms I wanted to be cuter than just a sleeve, so I decided that the sleeve should cover her and and come to a point at her finger.
   The end result was better than I could have imagined! I used a loop of gold elastic to keep the point on her finger. It’s not entirely lion-like but I really think it added a cute element to what could have been a boring old sleeve.

The elastic on the sides of the body were east to sew on and before I knew it, I had a lion costume! Ok, so it’s a little silly but I like it and it works. And you can’t deny that she’s a pretty cute lion!

With all the other costume making and I no time to make my own costume! So, on Friday, the day I needed a costume, I looked at my resources and came up with something. Meet the Zombie Homecoming Queen:

I had a bunch of old dresses from high school and I kinda knew I would wear again. This was one I wore to homecoming my senior year. I was surprised it even fit! With a cheap tiara and some makeup from Walmart, it turned out to be a pretty good costume I think! I always wanted to be something scary for Halloween and at the age of 23 I’m kinda over the whole “slutty costume” thing.

The makeup was really fun to do. I’ve done stage makeup before but never zombie makeup. Before attempting anything I watched a lot of tutorials on youtube and looked over pictures online. After getting a few pointers and tips, I gave it a try. This was my first try and I couldn’t be happier! The bruises looked too real! It wasn’t pretty but I still liked it. haha.

So, that was my Halloween. I hope yours were tricky and treaty and full of candy!  Hopefully I will be able to get back to my other projects that I’ve started or are brewing in my head. This weekend is the quilt retreat so there will be much to update and blog about next week! 🙂



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