Russian Navy

check out this and other colors!

I took some time to do a girl thing today and got my nails done. Picking a color can usually be pretty stressful so you can imagine my delight when the first polish I picked up was “the one”! It’s by O.P.I and it’s called Russian Navy. Now, I am a huge fan of both dark purple and navy and usually choose dark purple, but this polish was awesome in the fact that it’s a little bit of both. Sometimes it looks navy and others it looks dark purple. I usually don’t get overly excited about products and such but I can’t help but share the news on this one.

please excuse the dry hands. Working at Joanns dries a girl out!

Most importantly, it was nice to take some time to sit and rest and do something nice for me. I think it’s essential for people to take some “me time” and do something they want and not necessarily need. I highly recommend finding your “me thing” and enjoy it guiltlessly! (yes i know that’s not a real word)

Much Love xoxo


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