I own a watch but I rarely wear it 
I don’t want to have children yet but I want to be a young mother
I don’t like nuts but I love snickers bars
I don’t want to live in Falconer forever but I would for the the right person
My feet are a size 9 but I’m only 5’4″
I believe in second chances but not thirds and fourths
No one can tell me when I’m wrong but sometimes I am
I’m not a virgin but I’ve never made love
Vanilla ice cream is my favorite but I make an exception for Ben and Jerry’s Fish Food 
I’m loud and outspoken but I keep so much more inside
I don’t want to get fat but I look forward to being pregnant…someday
I can be in the worst mood imaginable but a great song can change my day
I hate being cold but I love needing to wrap up in a blanket
So I’m a bundle of contradictions. I think sorting them out is part of growing up and figuring out who I am. Some things will change, some things won’t. the Joy is in the Journey

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