being a reader

For a few months now I have been wanting to get into reading. My sister was always the reader. She had a huge collection of books and at one point even wanted to be a librarian (thank goodness she came around and chose physical therapy for a career). I was always more hands on and go-out-and-do. Nowadays I’m still pretty hands on but I would like to read more. Not just blogs and magazines but actual hard books! Now, I don’t like the idea of resolutions because they usually end up being broken so instead I will call it a good old fashioned GOAL! My goal is to be someone who reads!
For Christmas I was gifted some money that I received before the holidays so naturally I used it to buy other gifts. My father and Grandfather enjoy books so I made my way to Walden books for gifts. While I was there, with Peace Sign actually, I decided that I would purchase a book for myself as well, to ignite my goal! I chose “Eat, Pray, Love” after hearing such great things about it (and no I have NOT seen the movie yet). As I was checking out the woman at the register said “did you know that all our books are buy 4 get 1 free?” At first this didn’t interest me but I had a quick shift in thinking. Why get one book for myself when I could get three?! So back into the stacks I went. I took me a while to really find things I knew I could commit to reading but I did.
I wasn’t able to start any until after the holidays so when I decided that it was time to begin my goal I chose the lighter of the books I bought.

Chelsea Handlers books are the best. I have adored her as a comedian and love her show on E! so when she started writing books I was all about it. I used my opportune moment at the bookstore to buy her third book that I hadn’t read yet. It was a great starter book to warm me up.
Unlike her first two books, “Chelsea Chelsea, Bang Bang” isn’t focused on her sexual escapades and mishaps. It’s more a collection of stories from her childhood up to the last year. A lot of which involve her now ex-boyfriend Ted, who is also the CEO at E!, and her quirky family. It’s as though you were sitting across the living listening to Chelsea tell the stories to you personally. There are even a few candid photos that certainly enhance the stories.
I know it’s not a Pulitzer Prize nominee but if you want an easy and very entertaining read I highly suggest this book. It will literally have you laughing out loud so try not to read it in a library or any other place that requires your silence. If you have read it, spread the word. If you haven’t read it, try and get your hands on it and let me know what you think. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

happy reading! xoxo


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