this town

I miss the sun on my face
Warm wind in my hair
Sand stuck to my feet
Not having a care
My life here is dry
It’s as cold as the night
I can’t seem to thrive
I can’t seem to fight
I feel my heart wanting
To just pack up and go
It’s calling me ever
So quietly so
To some other place
Full of culture and joy
A place to plants roots
Who knows? Meet a boy?
But I stay where I am
No I can’t up and flee
I just hope that this place
Won’t suck the life out of me

3 thoughts on “this town

  1. Thanks for stumbling by! 🙂
    How were you able to change your opinion? I grew up here and then lived in Florida for 5 years so moving back wasn't ever something I planned on. Plus the winter plays a role I think too.
    I don't know if I consider myself a writer really. Or at least not contest worthy haha


  2. It's not really a contest, more like a program designed to showcase different people and their writing. No awards are given, but your work is posted in public for all the world (or at least Jamestown) to see.

    I also grew up here (FCS '94) and lived outside of the area for a while. I came back when I was 25 and didn't really like it for a good 5 or 6 years. I thought the whole place was slow and boring and backwards… especially when so many of my friends from college were off doing things in NY, Baltimore, Philly, etc.

    I eventually came to the conclusion I may never leave the area and if that's going to be the case, I might as well start looking for the things that make living here bearable rather than the things that suck. For me it was having family and friends nearby, having easy access to the outdoors, and familiarity with the area, etc. Just sort of changing my outlook on things. It wasn't easy, but it eventually happened.


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