the power of a word

Long story short, I was told last night, in reference to comparing Jezebel and I, “I’m not attracted to her. You on the other hand, I have a severe attraction to”.
Now just take a moment to let that soak in…severe attraction.
I didn’t put that word in his head or make him say it. But he did. And just reading it again now gives me goosebumps! AGAIN! I have never had  any guy say that to me before or even heard a guy say it to anyone! It does something to me. Now, I’m sure most of this has to do with the person it’s coming from, whom I will not disclose at this time, because he’s not the type to throw words around or lie for that matter. Plus we are separated by states at the moment so it’s not like he really has anything to gain by throwing such phrases into the universe.
But DAAAAAMMMMNNNN!!!!! I’m rarely speechless but this phrase has left me a stuttering mess. It’s such a far cry from the usual “oh baby you’re so hot” or “damn girl let’s bang”. It implies a deeper wanting.
All in all, boys of the world, step your game up because there are men out there who know just what to say!
And ladies, I hope you can all enjoy this combination of words someday. Indescribable.


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