To: My Future Baby Daddy

Sometimes I think about our children…How many will we have? How many years will we wait between each one? Will God curse me with ALL GIRLS?! Are there any family names that we will want to continue on through them? Will they be athletic like their parents?(yes, you will be athletic) I hope that we can agree on names for them. How do you feel about Lincoln, or Everett? Something about those names appeals to me. I want you to be a huge part of our children’s lives. I want them to say that their dad can fix anything. I never want them to wonder why daddy is never home or only watches TV all day. They should never doubt your love. I hope you have little secrets that don’t get told to mommy. Don’t be afraid to be the bad guy now and then too. Mommy doesn’t want to be the bad cop all the time. I never want to feel like a single mother with a husband on the side. In return, I promise that you can set your salsa bowl on my pregnant belly (I know I’ll certainly be doing it!).
I love our family already.

Ever yours,
Your Future Baby Momma

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