the beginnings

Everything is a first; a discovery; a dance. You watch yourself turn into this giddy person that you never were before. You can’t not smile when your phone rings and it’s him. You were content with your life before him; things were just the way you wanted them to be. Now you find yourself going to the gym at particular times and making sure you look a little bit better than usual. When your elbows touch casually a spark of electricity runs through you and you never knew you could be more conscious of your every limb. You can’t help but wonder what it will be like when you touch more than just elbows. You never knew you could smile as much as you do when you’re together and you can’t help but wonder how far things will go. Could this person be the best thing to ever happen to you or could he be someone who teach you a lesson about life and love that you haven’t quite learned yet? Everything is new and fresh and wonderful and a question. There’s nothing else quite like the beginning.


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