3 kinds of people

Recently I heard someone say that there are 3 kinds of people: The Gullible, The Cynical, and The Healthy. I quickly began trying to figure out which of these 3 people I am. I quickly realized that I’ve been all 3 within my short life.  I’ve let people in too soon and allowed them to know the inner workings of myself before really know who they are. So many times this led to being taken advantage of and hurt very badly by these people. I have also been extremely cynical. There were times when there was no joy or happiness and everyone was an enemy. It was easier to protect myself if I didn’t let anyone in and remained closed off. So much of these 2 sides of me came and went in college….a coincidence? I think not. I let the wrong people too far into my life and kept the good people at arms length. Backwards…I know. And it wasn’t until last May that I started to find a happy balance. A balance between trusting entirely and closing all my doors; The Healthy. So what is my healthy? My healthy is a teeter-totter really. I think it will always tip to the gullible side a little more though. I guess in my mind it makes more sense to take a chance on someone, rather than closing myself off to something that could be great. There will always be those people though who I will need to be closed off to from the start and I’d like to think that my experiences so far allow me to recognize them quickly. I know I will most certainly get hurt, but that’s LIFE. No one said it was perfect or easy or happy all the time. So here’s to being The Healthy! Now all I have to do is keep my teeter-totter there and not let it fall to one side or the other.  


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