Holy blast from the past!

OK, I was never a “Hanson” kind of girl. MmmBop disgusted me and so did they trio’s lack of haircuts. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why girls got in such a tizzy over these boys and their stupid song that didn’t even make sense. I was an official Hanson Hater.
———————————–>fast forward<——————————————
I believe it was my senior year in high school and I was watching vh1 as I often did. A particular video began playing fairly frequently and I heard the song and adored it. I could not believe my eyes though when I saw who the artist was. It was HANSON. An adult and trimmed up version but still Hanson nonetheless. My eyes and ears couldn’t believe it, WOULDN’T believe it! This couldn’t be! I was sworn to loathe these boys and their poppy songs. But this song was different it was called “Penny and Me” and it was such a far cry from MmmBop. I was converted.
Recently Hanson has a new album floating around the airwaves and again vh1. The 2 songs I’ve heard so far are great and I love surprising people when they listen to them in my car with me. SO, that being said, I just had to share with the rest of you too. Here it is, a most excellent song by the band, Hanson. Enjoy! xoxoxo


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