new skirt!

A many of you know, or may not know (who knows!), I work part-time at Joann Fabrics. This is truly dangerous as all my paychecks just end up returning to Joann Fabrics! It’s a great way to support my craft habit and a terrible way to keep my bills paid. I digress.
So a few months ago I spotted a bolt of fabric in the clearance section that was a thick striped navy and white. INSTANT LOVE. (FYI, I LOVE all things navy….and pumpkin flavored for that matter…anywho). At the time that I found said lovely fabric I didn’t really need it nor did I have a plan for it, so I hid it among the other fabrics hoping it would still be there when finance and inspiration crossed paths. About a month later the fates aligned! I decided a skirt would be the best plan of action for my beloved fabric. And boy was I right!

note to self: mirrors make for crappy pictures!
i still love it though

Originally I wanted to have the stripes going sideways but with the pattern I used it was pretty impossible to get the panels to line up. Regardless though, I LOVE the way it turned out. It’s a bit piratey but I don’t mind, and paired with the right top it looks less piratous.
I have some other clothing projects rolling around in my noggin so hopefully I’ll be able to start getting the gears running on them. The beautifully weather is inspiring for some reason so here’s hoping.


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