Dear Frogs,

I would just like to take a moment to apologize….

Later this week, I was driving home from work in a serious rain storm. We were having tornado warnings (in WNY?? madness!) and the rain was coming down harder than I’d ever seen. It made driving nearly impossible.

Now, anyone who knows anything about frogs knows that they loooove to hop their little frog legs across the road when it’s raining. Being someone who loves nature and animals I usually do what I can to avoid said frogs, still making sure that I’m not putting myself in a ditch in the process.

This particular night…my hands were tied. Well…more like glued to the wheel..but you get what I mean. As I was driving I could barely see the road in front of me, let alone the frogs as they hopped across. Sadly I could see them just as went under my car.

So, I’d like to apologize to the frog husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, whose relatives I accidentally ran over. It was nothing personal and I promise to try my best to avoid the rest of you the next time it’s raining.

Your froggy friend,

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