Last week I got into a car accident. I walked away without a scratch and no one else was involved, but my car was deemed ‘totalled’. So for the last week insurance companies, rental cars, and dealerships had taken over my life. Hence my non-existence and lack of posts.
Now, let’s go back in time a bit, to the summer of 2009.
I had just graduated college and was planned to go to Vero Beach, Florida for a theatre internship. Throughout my college years I drove a ’98 Chevy Malibu that my dad bought off my cousin. It was a good car; got me from point A to point B, most of the time. But it had seen much better days and I was pretty certain that it wouldn’t stand the drive to Florida. So, the hunt began. I searched high and low, looking for the right vehicle to call my own. And in June, I found it. A 2009 Ford Escape; Black; with a sunroof, 6 CD changer, and at a reasonable price. It was love. After a few weeks of collaboration a name came together, ZORRO. He was dark and speedy and always there when I needed him. He was MY first car. I enjoyed writing the check and sending in the car payment every month. It was all worth it because I loved my Zorro that much.

That being said, you can imagine the heartbreak I felt when I heard the words “total loss” in regards to my vehicle. It is 2 years to the month that he came into my life and in all honesty, I was not prepared for him to leave. I know I know, it’s just a car and the important things is that I’m okay. But I still feel a great deal of sadness about it. Especially now that I have a new vehicle that I don’t really like at all.
So, this one goes out to you Zorro. Thank you for protecting me in your final ride. You were a great car and we had some wonderful times together. No car will be able to replace the spot you have in my heart.

Love Always,
Your Partner in Crime, Sarah


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