Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about who I am. And slowly I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m a lot of different types of people, all in one. Now, most people would say something like “you just haven’t figured out who you are yet”, but I disagree. I don’t find myself feeling a need to identify with any one type of person; or even two types for that matter.  I enjoy being able to relate to anyone I come across…no matter what their walk of life. Like a chameleon, I adapt to my surroundings but still remain myself. Even in high school I was never one to belong to any one “clique” of kids. I was cool with the jocks, band kids, musical types, and special ed students. I give a lot of the credit for this to my school though. It wasn’t very big and everyone did a little of everything which made it easy for everyone to get along. But it was definitely a foundation for me.

T-Shirt from Blend Apparel

At times I feel like I’m cheating on some parts of myself when I’m favoring one type or another. Or like I HAVE to choose a few and stick to them. But then I realize that ignoring those other parts, no matter how small they are, would be untrue to myself. And that I can not do. Even if my different types tend to contradict each other, I still think it’s important to recognize and accept them.
Who knows, maybe over time I’ll become more of one type or another, but I really hope that doesn’t happen. Being as extroverted as I am (and trust me…I AM) it’s really convenient to be able to make friends so simply.
So……who am I? I’m an extroverted tomboy in a skirt. I’m a loyal friend and loving family member. I would cease to exist without music, delicious foods and lots of laughter. I’m a child of God with a bit of a dark streak.

I’m a parfait of personality!  And that’s just the way I like it.   


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