a mother’s love

I didn’t have time to watch the Casey Anthony trial and I only heard bits and pieces about it so I will not use this post to give my opinion on the subject. I will however, bring up the feelings that it had stirred up in me. Feelings of questioning and astonishment.

melts my heart

Whether she did it or not, this Casey Anthony thing makes me think about all the mothers (and fathers for that matter) who physically harm their own children. It baffles me that anyone could bring something so pure and innocent into the world, only to turn around and take them out again. Mothers especially, having carried that child for 9 months. I look at the kids I nanny, kids I’m not even related to, and I couldn’t imagine doing something so cruel to them. Every hug, sloppy kiss, picked flower, and hand held makes my heart warm. Of course there are those moments of frustration when a mess is made or a fight occurs, but anything more than a smack on the butt or a time out seems ridiculous. How could any mother not care about the child they brought into the world?Β 

If you aren’t ready for the responsibility of having a child, then don’t have one. Seems pretty simple, yes? What’s the point in having kids if you aren’t going to be willing to nurture and raise said child? Kids aren’t accessories that you can just throw out when your sick of having them. And it sickens me to see people treat them that way. I’m so thankful to have parents who love me, even if they don’t always know how to show it (i.e. my dad, but that’s a WHOLE other post). Sure they spanked me when I deserved it but a line was never crossed and I would never ever accuse my parents of beating me. I didn’t have a lot growing up but I certainly had love. And it saddens me greatly to think that there are kids out there who grow up without it.

And that’s how I feel about that.


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