…damn it.

I have found it and I must report that it doesn’t come in the form of Prince Eric (shocking, I know).

This weekend I found myself surrounded by gentlemen, none of which were princes or fought dragons or rode trusty steeds. But they were polite and kind and thoughtful. And the best part…they didn’t act that way because they felt obligated to. They did it because they wanted to. Because someone raised them to be that way. It was so refreshing. My faith in men was restored this weekend. And I choose to use the word men and not males or guys because I’ve found over these last couple years that there is a big difference between men and the rest of the male populace. The difference being, men have their shit together (pardon my french). They know what they want and are doing what needs to be done to make it happen.

I guess I just wanted to let the ladies searching for Prince Eric know that he doesn’t exist. Sorry. BUT there are great( and real) guys that are out there and they might be right under your nose.
And to the gents from this weekend, thank you. The ladies that have or will snag you are all very lucky and I’m so glad to have you in my life.


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