under my skin

it amazes me sometimes…

…how some people have this effortless ability to get under my skin in a way that almost drives me to insanity.

Sure I’m affected by the people around me, in good ways and in bad.

But there are only a select handful that can do something that really gets to me. As if there actions have taken over my every thought.

Now usually, I only have to deal with one such a person at a time. But this weekend. This past weekend was different. I was ganged up on. And I didn’t appreciate it.

The details of who these people are and what they did aren’t important really. It’s the fact that they robbed me of sleep and happiness that really irks me. And it’s as if I had no control over any of it. When I wasn’t distracted by work and my mind had a moment of rest, it went straight to these people and the issues they brought up for me.

Where is the OFF switch?

Luckily life, in all it’s ironies, worked everything out in a day. One day, not even 24 hours, and my mind was at rest about both parties. Strange how things work out just as you’re reaching your breaking point.

Life-1, Sarah-0


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