a laborious weekend

What a crazy couple of days. My weekend was just as fun and busy as I had hoped it would be. The weddings I worked Saturday and Sunday were both all day events but I somehow managed to muster up the energy to still go out with my friends afterwards. There were many beers consumed, much dancing done, and little sleep had. {am I 21 again and didn’t know it??}
And speaking of friends, I’m SO loving the people I’m surrounded by lately. I haven’t felt this secure in my friendships in a long time. It’s a truly wonderful feeling.
Labor day itself was the most labor-free day of the summer for me. It started out pretty strangely. Let’s just say that having your friends mom find your underwear in the driveway is a situation that can only be laughed about. And no there isn’t a salacious tale to back that up. Beyond that, it included an over-sized bean bag, a No Reservations Marathon, a great nap, and a chili cheeseburger. A pretty superb way to spend a day off, if you ask me.

And somehow I managed to get only 2 pictures from the weekend. On Sunday we didn’t get much of a break for lunch/dinner, so we whipped up a huge salad bar for everyone to enjoy. The girls set up the salad options while the guys set the table on the porch for us all.

It was perfect.

We ate, we sat, we chatted. It was just what we allΒ  needed to prepare ourselves for the Jewish celebration we were about to be immersed in. {side note: if you’ve never been to a Jewish wedding, I highly recommend you attend one. It’s quite the experience. And so much tradition.}

Overall, this past weekend was a great way to say goodbye to summer. Summer, that apparently left overnight.

Bring on the long sleeved shirts and clogs cuz here comes Fall!!


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