the best place on earth

or one of them anyways.

The Tree House.
That’s right, I said the Tree House. Back in high school I ran track with this great guy, Geoff, who just happened to have a man-made tree house out in the woods. Now when I say tree house, it’s not the Swiss Family Robinson type of tree house. Instead of being built in the trees, this cabin was built around the trees, more amongst them. What’s even more impressive is that Geoff’s dad and 2 brothers all built it themselves. Too cool.
Besides its architecture, it’s very much like a Swiss Family Robinson home. There are 2 hammocks, both of which hang over ledges (one outside, one inside), a swing that goes over the deck, a catwalk over the main level room, and a crows nest at the very top with a balcony. The heavy wooden doors have submarine port holes for windows. The inside is decorated with ornate objects from the family’s adventures around the country. Did I mention that the whole place has electricity?? So just in case taking in the nature isn’t enough, you can curl up, listen to some music, or watch tv, while you pop some popcorn. No big deal. Oh and there’s a pond as well, with a high dive AND a zip line, of course.

Can you see why I love this place so much??

My pictures can’t even begin to do it justice but I wasn’t sure that anyone would believe me otherwise. I’m so thankful to Geoff for sharing this place with me so many years ago and for letting me revisit it now. It’s such a wonderful escape from real life. And it’s so gorgeous in the winter time too. The wall sized windows behind the wood-burning stove just make for the perfect winter setting. It’s perfect.

1. a view from the deck. look closely and you’ll see the crows nest up above. 2. there’s a creek that runs below the cabin…like its own little gorge. 3. Geoff swinging on the swing. 4. the deck. behind that picnic table is a hammock. 5. the sunset from the high dive. 6. the catwalk.  7.the view from above the first floor 8. brother Jer playing us some tunes next to the stove.


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