latest web discoveries

Lately I’ve been wanting to do nothing more than to spend time exploring the internet. I’m not really sure why.
But in my current online cravings I’ve come across some pretty sweet things!
The first site I found was Pinterest. Now at first glance I had trouble really seeing the different between Pinterest and Polyvore. Both seemed to be places where one could create collages of things that inspire them or pique their interest. Upon further investigation and some help from lovely facebook friends, I’ve come to really enjoy Pinterest. Even more than Polyvore. It’s more diverse. You can pin photos from more sites. I find myself using it more and more and really enjoying it. But at the start of using it, I kept seeing peoples great pictures and wondering how they happened to stumble across all of them! Which leads me to my next great find….
STUMBLE UPON. Oh man. I could use this site all day. It’s simple. Sign up (it’s freeeee). Choose some interests from their list of topics. Click the “stumble” button. Basically it will shoot awesome sites at you based on the interests you’ve chosen. It’s basically the bomb and I’m addicted. AND it’s a great way to find random videos, pictures, and blogs that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. It’s grand. Check it out.
Let’s talk about blogs baby! If you enjoy keeping up with blogs and have about a million of them bookmarked on your computer, let me introduce you to Bloglovin’. It’s a wonderful little place to keep tabs on all your favorite blogs, no matter what domain they’re from. It was so liberating when I was able to clean up my bookmarks by getting rid of all the blogs I had been keeping up with. Now they are all in one place where I can read them daily. It’s pretty much great.
AND last but not least, whilst in my stumblings I came across a gem of a website called Craft Gawker. I’m a HUGE crafter (see other blog: Craftiness is Happiness. told ya.)  so when I found this site it was like heaven to mine eyes. It’s a collection of DIY and crafting projects from all types of websites and blogs. There are SO many great ideas and how to’s that you can’t help but be inspired and want to try most of them! And what’s even better?? Maybe crafting isn’t your thing but food is? Or weddings perhaps? Or maybe even interior design? There’s a Gawker for that! In the top left corner of the craftgawker site there are links to foodgawker, dwellinggawker, and weddinggawker. Super totally cool awesomeness. basically.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I highly encourage you to check out all and any of these sites. And let me know if you enjoy them as much as I do! And not to worry, I do take breaks from my interweb explorations to join the real world. I’m not a hermit just yet.

if you want to find me on Pinterest my account name is sarahashley13. 🙂

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