If you’re looking for the girl…

…who loves the color pink. That always has her nails done and her hair in the perfect style; the right outfit for every occasion. The one with a size 2 waist and thin, slender legs. Who never swears and sits straight at the dinner table. That eats appropriate portions at every meal and never gets food on her face. The girl who has flawless skin and perfectly done make-up. The cheerleader. The one with a boyfriend on her arm or that turns every head when she walks through a room. The demure, polite, Audrey Hepburn-esque girl. The super model.

If you’re looking for that girl…you won’t find her here.

Instead, you’ll find the girl who owns hardly any pink. Who usually has chipped nail polish and whose hair is a mess; the t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. The one with a size 8 waist and legs that people automatically identify her with a soccer player. Who swears against her best efforts not too and has a horrible slouching habit. That loves to eat too much and always manages to get food on her face. The girl who’s skin is never flawless and barely wears make-up. The clown. The one whose only “boyfriend” is the 5yr old she nannies and that usually only turns heads for laughing too loudly in public. The outspoken, attempts to be polite, wishes she were Audrey Hepburn girl. The tom boy.

That’s who I am. Who I’ll probably always be. Sure some things may change as I get older, wiser, more mature. But at the end of it all, I don’t ever see myself fitting the “typical girl” mold. I may be average in a lot of ways, but I’ll never be typical.

I’ll never be the A typical girl and I love that about me.
And if someone else doesn’t, well that’s just too bad.

yep…that’s me.


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