My sister, the nut that she is, coined a new term for me last week. Nesting.

Now, according to Cassie, nesting is something that happens to you when Fall arrives. You have the urge to settle indoors, be cozy and cuddled, maybe bake or cook hearty foods. I think it’s likened to a domestic hibernation.

Anyway, this term came about because the other day I was talking with her about how I’ve been a little emotional lately and feeling a bit lonely. It seems like most of the people around me are married, in a relationship, having babies, and the like. While I’m not really in a rush to do or have any of those things, I guess it’s just something that’s been on my mind lately. So Cassie’s diagnosis is that I’m nesting.

And strangely enough I think I have to agree with her. {Hear that Cass…don’t let it go to your head now}I’ve been very internal and contemplative lately. Always thinking about things and life and…things. Wanting to hunker down indoors with my knitting or a good book and some hot tea. I only need a fireplace to really make it official.

Since nesting is new to me I’m not sure how long it will last exactly. I do know that I can’t be the only one going through it and it’s really not so bad. So thank you to Cassie for the expert diagnosis. And to anyone else out there who’s nesting too, denial is the first stage so just accept it and go with the flow. {Karli}

And yes fellas, you can get it too. You just may not admit it or get emotional about it. It’s ok….no one will think less of you. 


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