I believe in karma. I especially believe in the idea of just putting good vibes out into the world in general. It just makes getting through life that much easier, whether it comes back to you or not.

Today I stopped at the grocery store after work. On my walk through the parking lot I was on the phone with my friend Lou, and it was particularly blustery outside. As I was walking I happened to notice a small handicap sign fall over onto someone’s parked car. My conscience wouldn’t let me walk by. Still being on the phone and without looking to see if anyone was in the car I walked over and propped the sign back up. After I had done so I glanced into the car to see two very happy elderly people giving me the thumbs up and ok hand signals. I smiled and waved and continued on into the grocery store. (Not to worry, this post isn’t just to go on about how awesome I am….I’m not perfect and I let things slip by me all too often. Back to the tale) After purchasing my items, which totaled $7.26, the cashier handed me my change and I returned to my vehicle. Now usually I simply through my change into my cup holders and that’s the end of it. But for some reason I chose to count my change. 3 quarters. The cashier had given me an extra penny in change. Coincidence…I think not. I was thrilled. Not only do I love quarters but with having 3 instead of 2 I was able to fill my little quarter holder in my car.{joy!}
Sure it was just a penny, but I’m more than convinced that it was good karma coming back to me. Upon arriving to Lou’s house after this trip, I told him about my karmic happenings. He had a good laugh over it all and then said something rather thought provoking. Amidst his laughter he said “wow, it makes me wonder how many people I’ve given an extra penny to and if they view it the same way”. Think about it, sometimes the smallest things, the things the seem the most insignificant to you, can mean the world to someone else. A smile to a stranger, giving your change to the salvation army bell ringers, letting a car turn in front of you when traffic is thick. All little things that literally take seconds to do but can make someone’s day.

So…here’s my challenge to you: do one small act of kindness this week. Just one. Without hopes of getting any in return or the expectations of someone seeing and congratulating you. Just do it for the feeling of pride that will swell up inside you. There’s no time limit on karma so I can’t promise that something great will happen in the same moment…but I can say that i will come around…in it’s own time. Just trust that it will and be open to it. Maybe you’ll start finding it in small things around you that you may not have noticed before.

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