love. love. love.

Being a single lady, I’ve decided that Valentine’s Day(tomorrow!! February is moving at a rapid pace!) needs to be more than a day to remind me of my single status. What exactly is the point of wallowing in bitterness over the fact that I haven’t met anyone special enough to change my facebook status for yet? Pointless indeed. So instead of hating Valentine’s Day I’m choosing to take a little love and make a little love.

First, I read this blog this morning and couldn’t help but feel inspired and warm inside. I feel like more people should be finding ways to love themselves…and not just in the ways of shopping or eating their favorite junk foods. I fell like loving yourself can have a lot to do with slowing down and enjoying the little things…finding the things that really fulfill you in a way that nothing else can. And not feeling guilty or selfish for it. I think all too often people are so busy attending to everyone else’s needs and wants that they don’t take the time for themselves that they need to. One of the most important lessons I learned in college was to “take care of you”.

If you don’t love yourself, how will anyone else love you too?

Secondly, I feel like everyone needs to feel a little love, even if it’s from a total stranger. And what better way than in a love letter?? For the last month or so I’ve been hearing about this organization called The World Needs More Love Letters through my friend Francie and The Violet. Long story short, you can sign up to become a writer of love letters or request a love letter for yourself or someone you know who needs one. If you want to write them, each month the site will send you the info for someone who needs one. You write the letter, send it to the organization, and they send it with others to the recipient. So for the cost of a stamp you can send your love to someone who truly needs it, in one of the most personal ways possible. The whole concept really tugs at my heart strings so I subscribed today and can’t wait to be a part of it! And I encourage you to do the same.

So, whether you’re single or not, I challenge you to spread a little love, not only tomorrow but on a daily basis!

Because, in the words on Sir Paul McCartney, the love you take is equal to the love you make.


2 thoughts on “love. love. love.

  1. I've been single for a few Valentine's Days…and I make it about other people. I like buying little gifts, little chocolates, writing notes…

    I'm not sure you can receive love adequately until you've learned how to truly give it away


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