Favorite Things

It’s been tooooo long so I have plenty of favorite things these days! And here they are!

  • Pinterest. duh.
  • The gorgeous weather we’ve been having! I swear if it snows again after this I’ll move away immediately.
  • Yogi Tea! I love the little quotes on the bag’s tag. So far my fave is The Green Tea with Pomegranate. 
  • Being immersed in the theatre again.
  • Putting some really old CD’s in my car to listen to. Oh man, my taste in music was strange…and slightly gangster.
  • Returning to the Green Monster every morning.
  • Playing outside with the kids. It’s just so much better than being stuck in the house all day.
  • Draw Something. I’m addicted. 
  • Fresh Strawberry hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. It’s so summery and perfect. (They have a ton of other great summer scents too!)
  • My new purse from Old Navy. It’s blue and white striped (of course) and I can’t want to carry it with a cute summer dress.
  • Getting free stuff!! Who doesn’t love free stuff??

If you can’t tell I’m VERY ready for summer to be here. It really can’t come soon enough. 


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