sickness = selfishness?

I don’t get sick very often.  A cold twice a year is pretty much it. So when I do come down with something it’s almost as if I forget that I’m sick and that my body needs rest. I try to go about life as usual and by about the third day I’m absolutely exhausted and worn down. And even then I don’t usually take the time to stop and rest. It’s as if there’s a small voice somewhere in my head telling me that if I’m not busy doing something productive then I’m wasting time. That if I stop and take some time to rest, I’m being selfish. Sounds a little silly I know.

So, now that I’m aware of this silly voice, I think It’s time to silence it. My body is fighting a battle right now so it’s ok to feel tired.  It’s ok to rest.

It’s amazing, the things you learn when you’re 25. ha.


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