free time?

I can’t believe we’re almost through July. Where on earth did it go?? Going into this summer I thought for sure that I’d have some extra time on my hands to relax and sew and relax. So far that hasn’t been the case. The hotel alone consumes even my days off. I’ve done a few projects that I’ll hopefully be able to put up here soon but not nearly as many as I wanted to do. It makes me sad!! On the other hand there’s definitely no time for boredom. So I guess it’s not all bad.

Also on a positive note, I’ll be joining my family on a trip to Arlington VA this weekend. A few months ago my great uncle passed away and had chosen to be buried in the National Cemetery. So this weekend we’re going down for that. The D.C. area is one of my favorite places ever so I’m pretty excited not only to have some time off but to be in my favorite place with some of my favorite people. If we’re really lucky maybe I’ll have time to post pictures of the trip too!! A girl can dream.


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