the hits just keep on coming

You meet a guy. You start hanging out. You text all day long. You spend a good amount of time together. You tell him you’re moving away in the fall. He sticks around. He says sweet things. You start to get comfortable.
 Then…at the bat of an eyelash he decides you should just be friends. That it would be better for both of you in the long run since your leaving. And the worst part is, that you can’t help but agree with him. You know damn well that even if you’re not “dating”, even being friends, will make it more difficult come November. You can’t be mad at him. It’s only been a month. He’s being logical and making the decision that you can’t make yourself….or go through with for that matter. He’s actually doing you a favor. You should be thanking him!

You know that you’re perfectly capable of being friends. Why wouldn’t you?? There aren’t any hurt feelings or ill-will. Yet there always seems to be that little bit of sadness at the loss. And you know that at first it will be hard to go backwards to just friends. There’s that backwards thing again. How do guys manage to do that so easily? I envy them.  I’ve been here before and this time is by far the easiest no doubt. But as usual my brain can not be shut off or slowed down. I catch myself thinking back at all the little things that were said. Small comments or jokes. I wonder again what the purpose for this person entering my life is. Does he need to serve a purpose? I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason….so I can’t help but wonder. I’m sure I’m over-thinking.

So at the end of the day, I guess I’m just a little sad. But I do know that it’s for the best. Timing is everything right? It just so happens that my timing is always impeccably off. I can only hope that that won’t be the case someday.


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