I live in Manhattan

It still sounds alien to me! And I think it will take some time to get used to. To feel like I’m not on vacation. It’s been a week and I can feel myself starting to get used to the vibe here. It’s fast. Really fast. Everyone is busy doing their own thing and hustling everywhere.

So many people wear the same thing: black, boots, and buns. Before I came here I thought to myselfย  “well Sarah, be prepared to look under-dressed most of the time”. So far that hasn’t been the case. For some reason I had this idea that everyone here wore designer clothes and high heels . Not so. Everyday I see people wearing pretty normal outfits. It’s almost comforting in a way. They’re doing the NYC thing, and I can too. Seems silly, I know.

In a week I went from having 0 jobs to potentially 3 jobs. Let me tell you, both ends of the spectrum are stressful. Trying to find a job, sending resumes, going on interviews, finding more jobs. It’s taxing. Then I get one job, I can’t say no, plus it’s a job I think I’ll love. Then another calls. Then another. Now I find myself with options and trying to figure out ways to do it all. I need to do it all. Rent cometh. But I don’t think they’ll fit as well as my jobs back home. So now I find myself feeling bad having to say No to some and Maybe to others. All the while knowing the job I’ll love won’t be enough. Stressful.

There are definitely things I’m coming to love though. The gust of wind that hits as a subway train flies by. The ebb and flow of walking down crowded sidewalks. Seeing things that I’ve only ever seen on tv. The ornate tile work at each subway stop. Discovering my neighborhood and the great little spots in it (I look forward to finding more of them). Seeing friends whom I haven’t seen in a very long time. Unlocking the door to my apartment. The tiny wine store down the block.

I’m starting to like it here. And I love that.


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