wine about it

There have always been jobs that I’ve always wanted to learn. Just to know how to do them. Going to cosmetology school, culinary school, and being a vet tech, because…well….why not?! Whether I ever end up doing any of those things is a mystery to me, but I still like the idea. Another one of those things always was to be someone who really knows about wine, maybe not a sommelier, but very knowledgeable maybe. Again, it wasn’t really anything I thought would happen since I’ve got no experience (other then drinking and serving) and if there is such a thing as wine school, I certainly can’t afford it.

A month or so ago I was walking around my neighborhood to drop off resumes and hopefully land a second job. As I was walking I passed a wine and spirits store. I saw it and kept walking. A degree in theatre and working some odd jobs doesn’t qualify me for much, let alone make me an expert on wine. Then I had the thought of “hell, why not” and walked in anyway. I figured the worst they could say would be no. As it turned out, they were hiring and took my resume. Not thinking much would come of it after that, I was shocked to get a phone call the next day for an interview.

Long story short, I GOT THE JOB! When I went in for the interview I ended up meeting the owner first, unbeknownst to me, and he liked my personality enough to give me a chance at another wine store downtown. He didn’t mind my lack of experience and suggest I buy Wine for Dummies and learning. So I hit the books (and still am), reading and taking notes and I go. It’s like being in school again and it’s been really stimulating for me! I haven’t really needed to study anything for a long time! 

It’s been 3 weeks of working there now and I really love it. I’m the only girl, which makes it pretty fun. I’ve always enjoyed being in the boys club. Plus the guys are all (obviously) very knowledgeable and a great source for learning more about wine. And so far they’ve all been really patient with me as I get familiar with how things go. I’m so appreciative to them.

So yeah, I’m so excited to continue learning and getting to know the fellas. I think this job is going to be really great for me and I look forward to reading this in a year hopefully and having tons of wine experience! It just goes to show you that you don’t need to have the most experience in something to get a job you really want. People want to work with people they like and I couldn’t be more grateful for that fact right now. I’m so glad I decided to take a chance and walk in the other wine store that day.

Everything happens for a reason!


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