Oh hey March

So nice to see you again!

So far this lovely month has brought me one thing. A cold. My first of 2013. It’s been a pretty mild one though, so I can’t really complain (knock on wood). A few sneezes and snuffles never killed anybody…did it? DID IT????

I’m looking forward to this month this year! I think it’s going to be a great time to really get some foundation made for my new life here in the city. Since moving here I can’t help but feel like the last couple months were a whirlwind and almost like a “blue-print” phase. Figuring out logistics, getting familiar with the location, making sure the ducks were in a row. Let me tell you, those ducks can really be feisty sometimes. A few months of a tornado and then letting the dust settle.

Now, looking at the month ahead, I’m seeing things much clearer.  I have jobs that I can work enough hours at. I’ve come up with a really smart budget(I think) to make sure that none of my bills are falling to the way side. It seems as though making budgets is fun to me now so I’m actually looking forward to keeping track of my income. I wonder is that’s a mid-20’s thing. My tax refund and my wonderful dad were a huge help in getting me out of the debt hole I had fallen into when I moved.  I’m making some great new friends and getting closer to the ones I already knew. Paying attention to the foods I’m eating is something I’ve started to do seriously too. Don’t be mistaken, I will always have a serious sweet tooth that needs attention, but I’m becoming much more aware of how many carbs I eat and how little protein my diet usually contains. At work I order my cheeseburger without the huge bun and opt for a side salad instead of my favorite fries. (They’re just so darn good!!)

With all this change and clarity happening I can’t help but feel like March is going to be great! And if the weather starts getting better then that will make it even sweeter.

Woo March! Bring it!


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