Spring Break

When I was going to college…in Florida…Spring Break was a time I looked forward to. Not because it meant a drunken week in Cabo or a fabulous vacation. Instead I was excited for everyone else to go on their Spring Break trips so I could have the pool all to myself and enjoy the ghost town that my campus became. Who needs a fancy trip when you go to college IN FLORIDA?! Am I right? Spring Break was always more of a mindset than a destination. It was a time to relax, stop thinking about responsibilities, and just take a breather. Since graduating from college it’s become all the more evident that Spring Break no longer exists (and what a damn shame that is). Unless you’re a teacher….like my friend Justin.

When he called me up some weeks ago to tell me that he was considering spending his Spring Break in the city I was obviously thrilled. Since we graduated from college we try to not go over a year without seeing each other somehow and it had been one year and a couple months since our last meeting in Texas. A few weeks later and he was texting me that his plane had landed in NYC and the week that followed was one of the best in my life. I took off work a couple days and managed to get out early on others and I can honestly say it was the best Spring Break I’ve ever had. Have you ever met or known someone that when you’re with them it’s like…the best way I can describe it…like your molecules change. Justin is that someone for me. I always feel like my most self when we’re together and that’s just one of the reasons why he’s my best friend. And having him here, at this time in my life when I feel so much change and growth happening, was perfect timing. The combination of him and this city really gave me a sense of myself that I haven’t felt in a very long time and the best part is, it stuck. It didn’t get on the plane with him like it did when he visited me back home. And I couldn’t be more grateful to him for that.

– In our own true spontaneous way we decided it would be a good idea to try and find each other in Time Square upon his arrival. I’m not sure how much time actually passed that we were both there before Justin finally gave in and texted me his location but I was surprised that we ended up fairly close to each other.

 -A good deal of our time was spend in Brooklyn (can I just side note to say that I’m completely IN LOVE with Brooklyn. wow) with our friend from college, Stephen. And what a time we had. There was much singing and drinking and eating and even some bowling too. And the conversations…out of this world. It’s so rewarding to spend real quality time with real quality people and these two are just that.

And let me mention that not only is Stephen a quality fella, he’s also damn handy. You should probably check out his tumblr Left To Right Furniture where he posts about his adventures in all things wood working. He’s always working on something unique and amazing.

-At one point a certain sir ran out of clean shirts….I feel like this isn’t the first time this has happened on our adventures. Luckily we’re close enough (somehow) to being the same-ish size so there was a good half a day where Justin walked the city in my clothes. It was definitely an interesting look that only he could pull off. It also helps to be in a city where much stranger looking folks are abundant so no one really thinks twice about the guy in a t-shirt that’s just a little too small. When in Rome.

We ended up taking a little photoshoot at this particular spot and the guy in the background had quite a few photobombs that I enjoyed discovering after the fact. Some people just can’t handle our brand of fun.

-After 4 months of living here I FINALLY made it to Central Park. An event only made more shameful by the fact that I live 2 avenues away from it. I know, I know. It was definitely worth the wait though since the weather had taken a turn for the better. I hadn’t realized how much I missed nature since moving here. It’s so rejuvenating for me to be amongst trees and grass and fresh air. I can’t wait to really utilize the convenience of my apartment to this glorious park as the months go on. I feel like every spare moment I have will be spent on that grass. 

After the week was over and the dust had settled, I couldn’t help but look back at it and think “wow, I had no idea how badly I needed that week”. The time off, the fresh air, the great company. It was a truly perfect week. Also one of those weeks where you’re living in the moment so much that you realize how many pictures you didn’t take.

Despite the amazing week we had, I was sad as always when I had to say goodbye to my dearest friend. I always try to keep it together but huge tears rolled down my face as I walked away. The only consolation in our parting this time is that I will be going to Alabama at the end of May for his sisters wedding. Which of course will be another glorious time together.



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