sister visit

Cassie having her first NYC hotdog!

Last weekend my sister came to visit for a few days and boy did we have fun. We may have spent 90% of our time eating but it was a great time nonetheless. She had only been to the city once before (on a bus trip…..terrible idea) so I was excited to show her the city that I’ve come to know so far and there were still plenty of places that I haven’t even been yet that we got to check out together. I don’t remember the last time we spent that much time together, just us. It’s weird when you realize that you’re to the age where you may never live in the same place as your sibling. Sure we go off to college but when you’re there you know it’s only temporary, and you certainly aren’t thinking about where you and your sister will settle down someday. Or that it might not end up being anywhere near each other. For the record, being a nanny WILL make you start to think about these things!!

We  visited the World Trade Center and found St. Paul’s Chapel, which is the oldest functioning church in Manhattan. It’s directly across the street from the World Trade Center and was somehow undamaged on September 11th. The inside still acts as a memorial so it was really cool to go inside and see it all. Living in Western New York during that time I felt so removed from it all but now that I’m here it’s crazy to think about the fact that most of the people I’ve met, were here for it all and experienced it first hand. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like. 

 Our family happens to love going to museums and Cassie and I are definitely no exception. When my dad and poppop were here for my birthday they ended up going to the American Museum of Natural History while I was at work one morning. I was crushed! So it became a necessity when Cassie was here. It also happened that one of the exhibits at the time was all about whales, so I just had to see it. 
I couldn’t believe how much is actually in that building! We definitely could have spent the entire day inside and still wouldn’t have seen everything. I loved the whales obviously and we both enjoyed the animal exhibits. They look so real!! 
I’m also convinced that everything in that museum DOES come to life at night.

Of course we had to stroll around Central Park! And in our strollings we happened to stumble upon a Wafels and Dinges truck! If you haven’t experienced one of these, it’s a must! Any description I try to give won’t do these treats justice so I won’t begin to try. Just know that if you happen to stumble upon one, just do it!
In honor of Cinco de Mayo(which was actually the next day) we got a little fancy for a Mexican feast! Why wouldn’t we?? Our meal was amazing but somehow Cassie ended up with all the other pictures from the evening. Between her camera and mine, we’d have a complete album of our trip.
Just look at these two fools. Having the time of their lives

The final day of Cassie’s visit was spent at the zoo! I’m sorry, but there is something about the zoo that will always bring out the child in me. I could see the same animals everyday and still get excited. 
I just love animals!
I was surprised at how many animals they keep at this zoo. It’s in central park so I wasn’t expecting a whole lot but it was really great. Every now and then I’d forget that I was in the middle of the city! 
The polar bear was my particular favorite, even though he was asleep and we all enjoyed the children’s zoo too. The large turtle shells, in particular, gave us about 20 minutes of pure childish entertainment. 
Overall the weekend was amazing! We ate too much, took naps every day, walked till our feet hurt, and bonded like we hadn’t done in a while. It was just what we both needed. I hope now that the next time she comes to visit she won’t be so afraid of the subways and I can show her even more of my new city.

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