the needy girl?

While working at the wine store the other day I was talking with my manager about relationships and people and things. We eventually got onto the subject of what attracts people to each other and he said something that smacked me up a bit. He said “Guys want to be with a needy girl. They don’t want a girl who doesn’t need them. They just like to feel needed”.


So you’re saying all these years that I’ve spent becoming an independent, self sufficient, free-thinking gal will only keep men from wanting to be with me? All the things I’ve not said in order to avoid seeming “needy” would have been attractive? I’ve been under the impression that my independence would be something that a guy would love me for; something he admired most about me. Now I’m supposed to figure out a way to become needier? Act like I don’t know how to do things or become a damsel in distress? I always scratched my head when I saw these great guys putting up with girls who could barely tie their own shoes. Maybe there was a method to that madness. They had a boyfriend after all.

Have I been in the dark about this all these years? I don’t want to believe so. Do all guys feel this way or is this a case by case opinion? Maybe the fellas that love an independent woman are fewer and far between. I think I need more opinions. I’m not about to change who I am in order to land a man but maybe my expectations needs to change if this is really how men feel.

Guys, what do you think? Needy or Not? Maybe you can elaborate a little for me. I’m extremely curious to know what you all think about this.


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