on repeat

I’ve started watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon(hilarious bee tee dubs) and I’m loving the musical guests that he has on! I mean come on….this guy chose THE ROOTS for his house band. So you know he’s got taste.
Now I’ve never been big on the electronica scene. As a lady who loves to sing I enjoy being able to sing along to my favorite songs so electronica music just doesn’t keep my interest for very long. Great for dancing, not so much for singing. So the other day while I was watching my guy Jimmy he introduced a group called Disclosure. 
Let me tell you. It was as if the heavens parted and my ears finally found their electronica soul mate. They performed the song Latch and I’ve been hooked every since. Their album, Settle, is so dang catchy but Latch in particular has been on repeat for me lately. I just can’t get enough. Enjoy!! 

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