as of late

The last 2 months have been an absolute whirlwind. I’m only now starting to feel like the dust has settled enough for me to look around and see the results. First the big move at the yarn store. To call it an undertaking is a vast understatement. It was an overtaking. An overtaking of my time, my body, my life. I worked everyday for 2 weeks straight and while it was exhausting, it was really, really rewarding. Now that I’m full time at the store, being able to be totally hands on and involved in how it all came out made me feel like a little part of it was mine too. Gives me the sense of being a big girl, at my big girl job. I work full time! At 1 job! And it’s awesome.

Once the store re-opened it was on to the next big move. Finding a new apartment. Since one event occurred right after the other, I somehow managed to get out of being the one who stressed about finding a new place. Unfortunately my roommate did not. We looked at a few places, all of which were less than stellar. Then with 2 weeks to spare we found it. THE apartment. Our now home. And in the most ironic twist of fate, our new apartment is 2 blocks down from the store. Same side of the street and everything. Meant to be.

So for the second time in 2 months I packed, moved, and unpacked. While it wasn’t at quite the same scale as the store, it was still an exhausting couple of weeks. And while we’re officially in the new place, the work isn’t done quite yet. Next weekend I get to go home for Easter and my Dad, Poppop and Sister will be driving back to NYC with me and the rest of my things from home. Such things as my QUEEN sized bed and best of all, my sewing machine. It’s like having a limb returned to me. I just can’t wait to have it here. I already know where I want it to be in my room and have even commissioned my dad and poppop to make me a swell pegboard for the wall. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome!

Amidst all the moving, I managed to turn a year older, meet a swell new gal pal and my roommate accepted a great new job on a cruise ship! While I’m so so happy for Karlin and her new job, it’s definitely going to be an adjustment being by myself for 6 weeks at a time. That’s a lot of Sarah time. But I think it will be good. A time to grow. And not wear pants!

So yeah, I’m not dead and I haven’t forgotten about this space. I’m slowing getting back to center and it feels really great. I’ve been knitting up a storm, managing to have a little fun, and today I even went for a jog. Life isn’t good….it’s great. And I can’t help but feel like it’s just going to keep getting better.


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