i did it!

I’m going to be doing the thing I came to this city to do. Theatre. It’s really happening! Let me begin at the beginning.

The weekend my roommate left for her new cruise gig, my new gal pal (Brie) invited me out for her friends birthday party. A much more exciting plan than my original plan…sitting at home by myself. I had met a couple of her friend already so I knew it would be a good time. While at dinner, Brie happened to mention that I had a degree in theatre which prompted the birthday fella himself to ask me what I do. I told him I’m a stage manager and without skipping a beat he said “I need one of those”. Amidst the party fodder we decided to talk more about it later on. The rest of the evening was spent with many laughs and really great food. (for real though….such great food)

After a couple week of getting each others contact information, Easter, and setting up a time to meet, we were finally able to sit and talk. As I rode the train to our meeting I had trouble ignoring a little voice inside my head. It kept saying things like:

“but you just started enjoying your 2 days off”
“there’s no way it will fit into your schedule anyway”
“how will you break it to him that you won’t be able to do it”
“do your really want to drive yourself into the ground again?”
“the subway costs money”
Needless to say, it was a pretty negative voice. It was as if I had made up my mind going into it. I’m not even sure why. 
So we met. And we talked. And talked. After about an hour or so of talking and sharing stories and giving each other an idea of what we’re about, it became clear. Not only did I want to do it…I needed to do it. Everything about the way this company works seems like a perfect fit for me. I’ll be the Stage Manager but I’ll also have the platform to have a voice in what’s going on…not just a paperwork machine. It’s a company that values everyone’s opinions and artistic backgrounds and finds a way to make the work a product of everyone involved. Beyond that the work that they’re producing is new and fresh and not typical. It’s interactive and in your face. It’s out of my own comfort zone and I’m thrilled about it.
I’m doing it guys! I’m going to be a Stage Manager in New York City. I’m fulfilling the dream I’ve had since I chose this career. How many people can say that?? I feel so blessed and grateful to the people around me that helped make this happen. Does it get any better than this?! I don’t see how it could. Life isn’t good….it’s amazing.
If you’d like to check out the company:

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