inspired by vkl

If it seems as though I fell off the planet last week, it’s because I did. Vogue Knitting Live took over my life and now that the dust has settled I feel more inspired than ever. For you non-knitter/crocheters out there that don’t know, Vogue Knitting Live is a huuuuuuge event, held all over the country, where shops, designers, and yarn enthusiasts come for a weekend of shopping and classes and crafty togetherness. Every year my store has a booth in the market and while I’m pretty exhausted by the end of the weekend, I can’t help but be super inspired. I get to meet other knitters and see how they’re inspired and I also get to meet new yarns and the people that make them. Just seeing people in their knitted sweaters made me want to go home, not pass go, not collect $200, and finish my sweaters!

It’s easy to forget what a large community the crafting world is. There are constantly new techniques and materials being brought to light and having all those crafty vibes in one place for a weekend was a real jolt for me. I’m ready to take on the world!!! and by “the world” I mean my huge pile of unfinished projects.

2015 is off to a grand start! 

my co-worker/squirrel, Kelsey, and I celebrating 5 years of the store going to Vogue


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