let’s eat | pad grapow chicken

I made a thing! Ok, so I’ve been making lots of things but this specific thing is in my Cravings cookbook so obvi I had to write about it here! I’ve never made anything Thai before! I’ve barely even eaten Thai food in my lifetime! So I was a little worried about this one. It seemed simple but what if it’s simplicity just made it easier to ruin?! And to really turn up the heat in the kitchen (see what I did there), I was having a guest over for dinner that night! The last thing I needed was to totally destroy our intended dinner. The shame of it all!


I mean…..what the heck is a grapow?! Honestly, I still don’t know but I think it has something to do with basil. My ingredients were pretty easy to find, except the Thai Basil, I couldn’t find that stuff an-y-where. So I settled for regular ol’ basily basil. I also braved using the Serrano pepper! Ok so I may have removed all the seeds first, but still! I usually avoid pepper of all kinds that aren’t of the bell variety.

So I cut up my chicken, dice up my garlic, chop up some pepper and that was that! Easy. Next step, combine the surf with the turf:

DSC_0986Alright guys…oyster sauce.  How is it made?? What part of an oyster is it even made from?? Oysters aren’t that big! This will be one of life’s great mysteries and I think I’m pretty ok with that. Also it seemed odd to put in on chicken but Chrissy hasn’t let me down yet so I trusted her.

As I let that little concoction marinate a bit I threw my aromatics into my pan. I’ve got to say, this is always my favorite part of the cooking process. There’s nothing quite like the smell of garlic 30 seconds into being on the pan. It’s heavenly. And then sometimes I get caught up in the moment and burn it and then it stinks. But not this time!


Ain’t it purty!

Keep in mind that while this is happening I’m making the rice, per the bag’s instructions. Multi-tasking like a Boss! After successfully not burning the garlic and pepper and letting the chicken marinate accordingly, I add the chicken to the hot pan.


Oooooooohh. Aaaaaaaaahh. I let this cook till the chicken is cooked through then threw in the basil. Whole leaves and everything! Once they got wilty, that was it! Seriously though….that’s all. I put the chicken and basil on the rice (that I also managed to NOT burn).


As you can see, I was so excited to have this I started eating it before I took a pic! And look…


…my distinguished guest enjoyed his meal as much as I did. And lived to tell the tale!

This recipe was so easy and so quick and SO satisfying! Thai food is where it’s at and if anyone wants the recipe I’ll be elated to share it with you. You could make it for dinner tonight! Just sayin’.


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