Yoga Bags

The other day I bought a new yoga mat (my mother has buried mine in the garage with the rest of my belongings). I like this new one more than the old one and as I was sewing a Christmas gift I had some extra fabric. I looked at my Yoga mat and then back at the fabric. A light bulb moment. I really like this particular fabric and was hoping there would be extras to use for something. Eureka! A Yoga Mat Bag! I measured my mat and measured the fabric I had left, it was the perfect amount! Now, I’ve never seen a pattern for yoga bag, let alone had one handy, so I just kinda made one up and hoped for the best. This was the result:

I was so thrilled with the way it came out I HAD to make another one! I cut out some more of the gift fabric so I had enough for both and with the extra made another bag. Success again! Apparently making my own patterns isn’t as difficult as I imagined it could be. Granted it’s really only a tube with a handle, but I’m still pretty proud of it for just being in my noggin.

 This is the second one I made. The best part is, it only took for a couple hours to make both of these! And they’re super cute! I can’t wait to make more with the other fabrics I have! Joann’s is getting a lot of new fabrics so it will be hard not to buy it!

 I also started ab Etsy page this past week. I’ve been shopping on Etsy for a while now but had never considered trying to sell the things I was making. So i finally got up the nerve and did it! So far I’ve had someone buy a blanket! Unfortunately I didn’t realize that the fabric was gonna cost me a lot more than I was charging. Lesson learned. A girl can’t make a profit when she’s selling things for less than the cost to make them! Maybe a business class is in my future haha. Since I do value all your opinions, take a look at my Etsy and give any suggestions of thoughts. It’s a little sparse at the moment but I have some new items in the works to give it more depth. Here’s the link: 
Thanks for all your support followers and fans! I couldn’t do it without yous guys! Much Love!

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