leg warmers

I made leg warmers!!!!!!!! I have a 70s/80s party that I’m attending this weekend and of course a costume is a must. I chose Flashdance as my inspiration and my outfit wouldn’t be complete without leg warmers! Now, can I just tell you all the beauty of free patterns??!! Lion Brand Yarn has a huge library of free patterns and all you have to do is register on their site. SO I did a search for leg warmers and got a few options to choose from! I was pretty excited. Now, me being who I am, I couldn’t just pick one to make, of course I had to mix and match patterns and needles to make something I liked even more. This caused a little confusion in the end product but for their purpose the leg warmers will serve nicely!
Yes…I do realize that one of my warmers is multi-colored. I had to buy another skein of yarn halfway through my second warmer and when I got to Joanns to buy the yarn, the color I needed was sold out. Since this was Monday and I didn’t have time to wait around I just bought the next closest color. Again, for their purpose the color thing doesn’t really concern me terribly.
After realizing how easy there were to make I might have to bring leg warmers into my life! They are so comfy and 80’s and wonderful.


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