-has tried to sprung! Last week the sun came out, the temperature picked up, and the snow melted away. The earth was mud covered but I could have cared less. It was so nice just to breathe warm air again and shed the winter coat. And best of all…flowers began to bloom. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the first Impatience start to poke their purple heads out of the ground. It almost makes all that snow and dreary winterness worth it…almost.

Impatience growing in my Poppop’s garden!

Just look at those happy little flowers! Trying their darndest to bloom and bring joy to the world! I love ’em. Sadly though, only days later, the snow returned to WNY and buried all the pretty flowers. Such is the bi-polar month of March. But it means that Spring is trying and will soon be here in full swing. I. Can’t. Wait!


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