Daily Dose

There is a great blog that I read that over flows with love. If you know it, you can attest. It’s called The Daily Love and it’s like a love devotional. Today’s post was particularly inspiring. The last paragraph in particular, which read:

You are the co-creator of your life with the choices you make. Do you want to keep making the same mistake, or are you ready to graduate and experience BIG LOVE in your life? The choice is yours – make it consciously, and make it TODAY!
This idea is TOO TRUE! I’m telling people all the time that life is all about the choices you make. If you’re unhappy, choose to change things around. Choose to BE HAPPY. So many people these days are too willing to say “oh well, I guess that’s how my life is going to go” and they settle. They settle for crappy relationships and meaningless jobs and poor friendships. I feel like people are lazy about going after what they really want. Choosing happiness. Choosing love; It’s hard work! It’s a daily decision that you have to think about making. It won’t just happen on it’s own. 
If you’re not in charge of your life then who is?

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