one year.

It amazes me. The things that can change in a year. Your location. The people around you. Your attitude. 

A year ago I moved back home to live with my parents. This stemmed from a falling out that happened between my best friend and I, whom I was living with at the time.  This person had known me better than anyone for the prior 4 years. It was like a break-up and it was the worst one I’d ever experienced.

I arrived at home a different person. My spirit was broken. My heart was hurting. I had always expected to find my lifelong friends in college and to not be the person who had to move back in with their parents. Those were 2 things I thought I was sure of. I found myself to be mistaken.

And not only was I hurting, I was mean. And angry. I lashed out at the people supporting me.

It was an ugly time.

Now, a year later, I look back and see how far I’ve come. Am I entirely happy with the way my life is right now? No. But I’m making the best of it. And that’s the hardest part.
I finally have a sturdy base of people around me. Some old friends and some new.  But all loving and caring and supportive of me.

I feel lighter. Brighter. Like a shroud has been lifted. I can breathe deeply again.

It’s pretty amazing. The way things can change in a year. And without you really noticing it happen.


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