a good thing

I haven’t done any theatre since I moved home and I’ve been dieing to get involved in anything.  It kills me to know that I have this degree…this very expensive degree…that’s not being used for a damn thing. And as much as I would love to get paid for it, such theatre positions are few and far between in these parts. There was a large part of me that had given up any hope to really get into threatre while I am living here.

A couple weeks ago I had the inkling to talk to a friend of mine about volunteering at the high school we went to, for their musical in the winter. I figured since it’s high school it wouldn’t be such a big time commitment that I would be able to keep working my 2 jobs. After messaging my friend he quickly informed me that he wasn’t working at the high school, but he was working at the community college’s theatre as their sound technician. He also happened to mention that they could always use some extra help around the theatre and that they were opening a show that weekend. Music to my ears. So last Wednesday I made my way to the college. From the moment I walked in I felt at home….where I belonged. For the rest of the week and into the weekend I spent my nights at the theatre, first in Tech, then into performances. And this week has been the same.

It’s been great. Busy but great. I haven’t felt this fulfilled and happy in a really long time. The people I’m working with are so welcoming and it’s been so fun getting to know them. It’s like being among my people again. They understand my weird because they have the same weird…it’s the weird that made us decide at one point in our lives that we were willing to starve for our love of theatre. {Ok, maybe not starve, but you see what I mean.} The point is, I couldn’t be happier. Being at the theatre has been like a ray of sunshine that I very badly needed. I feel a little more alive these days….like I’m in the right place at the right time. The stars have aligned.

So I guess it’s safe to say that this isn’t a good thing…it’s a damn great thing.


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