let’s be honest

disclaimer: this may become an on going series of posts that include my opinion on things that I observe in everyday life. it is strictly that…my opinion. nothing i say is meant to offend anyone. it’s simply the way i see things. 🙂 thanks for understanding!

Let’s address a topic that I’ve had an issue with for years now: Pigtails.

I could go on for days. All too often do I see women my own age and older with this hair style and all I can’ think to myself is “How on earth can you expect ANYONE to take you as a serious human being when you walk out the door with your hair like that??” It’s absolutely ridiculous. After the age of 10 I feel like pigtails should be banned from the hairstyle repertoire, especially if you’re going out into public. If your sitting around the privacy of your own home, pigtail away, but if you want to be out in the world and seen as a functioning citizen of society DO NOT think that pigtails are the way to go.

Now, of course I’m not banning all pigtails and there are very certain and specific circumstances where pigtails are acceptable. Let’s look at the examples.

 Babies: Do I even need to explain myself?? These babies are adorable in their tiny pigtails! And they obviously love wearing them! If that doesn’t just melt your heart then nothing will!

Just precious. So innocent and wispy and AGE APPROPRIATE!! How society has managed to ruin such a symbol of youth just blows my mind. It’s shameful.

French Braid Pigtails: ONLY acceptable on athletes and incorporated in an up-do. For athletes it’s a hairstyle of function, not fashion. It’s a great way to get your hair out of your face and off your neck for your sport. I feel like volleyball players in particular who have this do become more intimidating than childish. Get it Girls!!
As Kate Hudson and Sarah Michelle Gellar have pulled off, the french braided pigtails when swept into a chic up-do are youthful without become kinky or childish. And when paired with the right outfit you can either make it look sleek and classy or messy and casual. Either way the hair is still slightly sophisticated.

Costume: This is still a bit of a stretch for me but I can’t judge too much since even I as a young college girl, thought it was appropriate to pull this off for a Halloween. I can’t say that I’m proud of my decision.
So, I suppose this hair is alright as a costume for that ONE day a year. And again I can’t help but feel like a 20-something is more able to wear it successfully as opposed to a 40-50 year old. I don’t want the visual image anymore. Moving on.
Outside of Halloween, the only other time this hair/outfit combo is acceptable is in the privacy of one’s bedroom! Keep it to yourself and your man!! And if you feel the need to take pictures of yourself, DO NOT put them on facebook. No one wants it and you just look like a big slut. Those are the facts Jack.

Rachel Green:  Come on, it’s Jennifer Aniston. She can do no wrong. Soooo maybe I’m a little biased since I’m Team Aniston but I don’t think anyone can pull the tails off quite like Jen. I could be because they are down and not dangling over her ears. Regardless, I’ll let it slide.


Alright, now that we’ve seen the good, you know I can’t just end the post without pointing out the bad. Oh it’s so bad.

 I could vomit. Now I know I’m going to seriously upset some people with what I’m about to say, my own family included, so to all you Abbey lovers, you might just want to skip this section.

I HATE ABBEY!!!!! Ugh. that felt good. Let’s be absolutely honest for a moment. NO government agency, of any kind, would allow a professional to dress like this in their workplace! NONE! Yes I know, it’s just a show, but come on. How am I supposed to take this show seriously when they’ve got this clown running around in her pigtails and spiked chokers. SERIOUSLY?!?! ish.

A pair of ass clowns. In both life and their choice of hair style. Sure Britney was young at the time but it was NOT a good example for girls in those days. And I can’t help but feel like it brought the pigtail craze back. Tori Spelling…..it’s not even worth it. 

 Can we say Daddy issues??? Geez Louise. If you do this to yourself the morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself that this is the do for you…..you’re delusional. How could anyone expect to be taken seriously looking like this??

REALLY???? Is this a joke??? This hair is BARELY acceptable on Willie Nelson(a stretch for sure) but with a dress shirt and tie nonetheless. Either you have no friends or your have very awful friends because obviously not one of them cares about you enough to stop you from this train wreck of a photo.

So let’s be honest. Pigtails are more unacceptable than they are acceptable. If you’re not a baby, Jennifer Aniston, or a professional beach volleyball player, keep the tails in your home! No one wants to see them and you look like an adult child. Not a good look.

Friends don’t let friends wear pigtails.


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