happy february

Rabbit, Rabbit!

In college, an English professor told me that in order to have a month of good luck you should say ‘Rabbit, Rabbit’ on the first of every month. And if you don’t say it, well lucky for you if you say it backwards on the last day of the month then you’ll still have good luck!

I don’t know that it’s ever really mattered but oh well. Who couldn’t use a little good fortune right??

I’m wearing red lipstick today. Why you ask? Well why not! I’ve never been a red lipstick wearer. I’ve always been a little intimidated of it to be honest. Something told me it wasn’t a look I could pull off. But the other day I said to myself, well why the hell not?? So today, while doing laundry and other things around the house, I’m wearing bright red lipstick!

And you know what, I think I like it.


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