To My Future Type,

Lately I’ve been thinking about what type of guy you’ll be. Looking back at my list of exes there isn’t really much that they have in common, other than being the wrong guy as my mom would point out. But other than that, it’s pretty spread across the board. Nerdy guys, alpha athletic types, quiet anti-socials and preps. Tall, short, skinny and not. There’s even a wizard in there (yeah….high school). Point is, when I think about you, I can’t help but wonder what type you’ll turn out to be. Will you be the type that’s man enough to wear a bow tie on any old day? Or the type that will embrace and support my love of Jason Mraz’s music? Will you be the type that will dedicate your Sundays to church and football with me? Or will you the type who will dance with me in public places just for fun? Perhaps you’ll be the guy whose hands will always be a little dirty from working with them every day? Or the type who can make any group of people laugh with your wit and charm?

Maybe you’ll be all of those things in one wonderful package. Are my hopes too high for wanting that? Regardless, I look forward to finding out someday. Until then, take the time to figure it out and be confident about it. It’ll come in handy by the time we meet.

Love always,
Your future little bit of everything

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