thank you for the kiss

In the early morning hours of my 22nd birthday I had just returned to my dorm from doing I don’t remember what. I wasn’t expecting much from this particular birthday since my only plans were to get in a car in a few hours and take the long drive to Burmingham, Alabama for a theatre conference. The year after your 21st birthday you don’t really expect much in the way of specialness. Or I didn’t anyways.

ย As I walked to my room there was a knock at the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I was curious about who it could have been at that hour. I opened the door and the next thing I know, I’m being kissed. And not only am I being kissed, I’m being kissed in a way that every girl dreams about. That out of nowhere, takes you by surprise, shock melting into surrender type of kiss. He was nervous at first, his hands shook a little on my face. But the man in him quickly took over and he was in charge. It was a glorious kiss. One for the record books. And as soon as it had started it was over. He said “Happy Birthday Sarah. I’ll see you when you get back” and was gone. Just like that. A hit and run.

While not much came out of that kiss romantically, it’s a wonderful memory I will keep with me forever. That was the Jake I knew. He was fearless in so many ways and always “went into the basement” as we had learned in Improv class. He was one of the funniest people I’ve known and I feel so fortunate to call him a friend. His legacy at Eckerd will long be remembered through his Improv troupe, Another Man’s Trash, his servants heart and his over all amazing-ness as a person.

Jake, my heart is so very heavy over the loss of you. I pray that you have found a peace that passes all understanding. I’ll never forget the times we shared together, the way I never knew how seriously to take you whenever you hit on me, or how you would squish yourself next to me in that red chair during class. I’m still grateful to you for letting me work with AMT as your “stage manager”. It’s something that I keep on my resume to this day. I miss you so very much.

Thank you for the kiss.


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