the winds of change

Have blown! But before I delve into that, a little background information…

When I found out which apartment I would be moving to in the city I quickly google mapped the area to see what was around me. I quickly found this place called Annie & Co down the block from me that was a Needlepoint and Knitting shop. Can we say meant to be?? When I moved I quickly emailed the shop to see if they were hiring. After a month or so I hadn’t heard anything so I decided to go and check the place out. I walked in, and it was love. The walls were covered with beautiful rainbows of yarn. There were little old ladies sitting around a table knitting. The quaintness was to die for. When I inquired about whether they were hiring or not I was heart broken when the woman told me they were over-staffed at the time. A few months after that I received an email in response to my original email to them. They wanted to interview me! I was elated. I sent them some pictures of my work along with my resume and waited impatiently for the day to arrive. Much to my chagrin, the day before my interview I received another email saying that they wouldn’t need me after all but would keep me in mind. “Yeah right” I said to myself. We’ve all heard the “We’ll keep your resume on file” line so i quickly forgot about the idea of working in yarn heaven. Silly me. About a month ago now I was at work and had a voicemail from a strange number. It was Annie & Co. They wanted to interview me again. Was this real life?! It was. I interviewed on a Thursday and got the job on Friday.

When something is meant to be, it’s meant to be. And just because it doesn’t happen in the timing we think it should doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen at all. Thanks for the reminder there God.

The choice to work at the knitting company was not entirely easy. I had to make the decision to leave the restaurant I had been working at since I moved here. I had made all my first NYC friends there and gone through a lot of work to try and make my schedules work out between both jobs. So while there was a little sadness in leaving, I knew it was the right choice for me. The pay is better, the hours are better, and I can’t begin to express how much more fulfilling it is. I’m not on my feet for 8 hours straight. I’m not at work until 1am. I have time to do the things I really want to do like go for a run, knit, cook/bake and spend time with my friends finally! One and a half weeks in and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. And did I mentioned that they want me to make a sweater?! I was so excited when I heard that! I’ve wanted to make a sweater for a while so I can’t wait to take on this challenge! And do it the right way with some wonderful ladies for guidance.

I’m so excited for this change. While it means that I’ll be working 7 days a week, I could care less. It’s worth being able to get out of work at 6pm and do something that I really love. I miss my new pals from the restaurant but now that I don’t work there I’m allowed to go there whenever I want for a drink! So it’s not a total loss.

This is gonna be great!


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